New SDX Release: 17.1

Multipath echoes simulation, GPS CNAV message modification and improved synchronization are all part of the latest update of our GNSS simulator.

Who We Are & What We Do

Skydel is a software company that offers GNSS test solutions to scientists and engineers who develop navigation systems.

SDX - Software-Defined GNSS Simulator

SDX is our GNSS software-defined simulator. It is a multi-constellation, multi-frequency real-time simulator. It is easy to use, yet very powerful and allowing advanced customization.

SDX is available as a turnkey solution, or as a software that you can integrate with your own software-defined radios.

Globe GNSS Satellites


NAVWAR Solution

Simplify advanced jamming and spoofing scenarios with BroadSim. Powered by Skydel, BroadSim supports Y-Code & AES M-Code.

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From the Blog

Discussing the Perks of GPU-accelerated computing for GNSS Simulation

We’re often asked why we promote GPU-accelerated computing as our product differentiator. In short, what benefits does using this software-defined architecture for GNSS simulation offer the user? In this latest blog post, we take a closer look at the benefits by demonstrating what COTS hardware is actually needed to run a multi-frequency, four-constellation, 88-signals SDX simulation.

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SDX Screenshot

SDX offers top-of-the-line performance while featuring unrivaled scalability. See for yourself and contact Skydel today for a demonstration.

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