GPU-accelerated computing and SDR

The Concept Behind SDX

Traditional GNSS simulators rely on FPGAs and custom-designed hardware which are either too expensive, or provide limited performance. SDX uses GPU-accelerated computing and software-defined radios. This architecture is based on mass-produced hardware which benefits from an economy of scale and high performance.

SDX solutions are scalable and easily upgraded, and offer engineers a great alternative to inflexible, pricey, and proprietary hardware platforms.


SDX is designed from the ground up to provide precise and accurate GNSS signals in real time for the most demanding use cases.

At the heart of SDX is an extremely optimized software algorithm with a 1000 Hz simulation iteration rate capable of modulating full band signals of all satellites for multiple constellations and frequencies.

Software-Defined Flexibility


Opt for a turnkey solution or reuse your own software-defined radios (SDR)

Massive Capabilities


From single to multi-element antenna configurations

High-End Performance


1000 Hz simulation iteration rate, high dynamics, real time, vast number of channels

SDX has top-of-the-line performance while featuring unrivaled scalability. See for yourself and contact Skydel today for a demonstration.

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