About Skydel

Skydel brings a new paradigm to the GNSS simulator scene. We firmly believe that our products, which combine innovative algorithms and off-the-shelf hardware, create the best GNSS solutions for today’s engineers’ and scientists’ challenges.

At Skydel, we aim to provide the best customer experience; and it always starts with a thorough understanding of our clients’ motivation and objectives.

By combining GPU-accelerated computing and software-defined radios (SDR), our products generate signals in real time, with uncompromising performance for the most demanding use cases. The use of GPU and SDR (as opposed to custom-designed hardware) provides our clients with a multitude of benefits: economy of scale, easy upgrades, hardware repurposing, and sharing for other RF applications.

Our User-Centered Modus Operandi

At Skydel, we understand the importance of being responsive when clients need our support. We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer experience. Skydel is a modern and agile company that constantly improves its products and services. Our solutions are designed to be intuitive, flexible, and user-centered.

The founding members of Skydel Solutions

Iurie, Stéphane, and Serge share one passion: creating the best products on the market using innovative and effective technology. As the core team at Skydel, they bring solid multi-year experience, having delivered many successful projects in the field of radio frequency systems testing.

Iurie Ilie

Iurie Ilie


Iurie has over 30 years of experience in radio navigation, radio localisation, signal processing, and complex algorithm development. His research covers avionic navigation systems and GNSS receiver tests. Iurie has written several white papers describing innovative methods to test GNSS receivers.

Stéphane Hamel

Stephane Hamel


Stephane has 20 years of experience in product development, product management, and as a team lead. Over his career, Stephane has developed many innovative and large-scale products to test semiconductor devices, radios, and GNSS receivers.

Serge Malo

Serge Malo


Serge has 18 years of experience developing embedded software. He worked at Matrox for 10 years where he developed GPU models and device drivers. Serge has acquired his expertise in RF while working for Averna, where he developed record and playback solutions to test GNSS.