Latest SDX Release: 17.8

SDX’s most feature-packed release to date is here. Release 17.8 adds advanced interference simulation with user-defined waveforms and multiple, real-time dynamic jammers.

Also included in this version is Gaussian noise (independent from analog components), and many improvements to the UI, including new spectrum views.

Once again, SDX is taking GNSS simulation to a next level.

Advanced GNSS Simulation with SDX

Skydel offers GNSS simulation & test solutions to scientists and engineers who develop navigation systems.

SDX - Software-Defined GNSS Simulator

SDX is our software-defined GNSS/GPS simulator. It is a multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), multi-frequency real-time simulator. It is easy to use, precise, comes with innovative automation tools, and allows advanced customization.

SDX is available as a turnkey solution, or as a software that you can integrate with your own software-defined radios (SDR).

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Globe GNSS Satellites


NAVWAR Solution

Simplify advanced jamming and spoofing scenarios with BroadSim. Powered by Skydel, BroadSim supports Y-Code & AES M-Code.

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From the Blog

While it’s often a quiet time for many, our team of engineers were busy at work during the “lazy days of summer” producing a brand new release of SDX with a host of new features, including a big one that we have been dropping hints about for a while.

The “piece de resistance” of this new release is the addition of advanced interference capabilities to SDX. With SDX’s Advanced Jamming package, you can:

SDX GNSS Simulator - Orbit Screenshot

SDX offers top-of-the-line performance while featuring unrivaled scalability. See for yourself and contact Skydel today for a demonstration.

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