Advanced Interference GNSS Simulation

Our SDX GNSS simulator now features advanced jammers that are completely integrated with simulation scenarios. Same hardware –unique interface.

It's time to create multiple real-time jammers. Assign trajectories to jammer transmitters. Create custom, complex interference waveforms by combining many interference modulations.

And take GNSS simulation to a next level.

State-of-the-art GNSS Simulation with SDX

Skydel offers GNSS simulation & test solutions to scientists and engineers who develop navigation systems.

SDX - Software-Defined GNSS Simulator

SDX is our software-defined GNSS/GPS simulator. It is a multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), multi-frequency real-time simulator. It is easy to use, precise, comes with innovative automation tools, and allows advanced customization.

SDX is available as a turnkey solution, or as a software that you can integrate with your own software-defined radios (SDR).

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Globe GNSS Satellites


NAVWAR Solution

Simplify advanced jamming and spoofing scenarios with BroadSim. Powered by Skydel, BroadSim supports Y-Code & AES M-Code.

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From the Blog

New SDX Release! Just in time for the end of the year, we are delivering a new version of our GNSS simulator, SDX 17.12.

It features 3D antenna patterns (gain or phase offset), a handy tool to broadcast configuration when using multi-instance, and two GLONASS improvements: Leap Second Event support (both positive or negative), and the ability to change the health of GLONASS satellites while the simulation is running.

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SDX GNSS Simulator - Orbit Screenshot

SDX offers top-of-the-line performance while featuring unrivaled scalability. See for yourself and contact Skydel today for a demonstration.

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