SDX is a fully-featured, software-defined GNSS simulator.

With SDX, you can either:

Select a turnkey system

Rack-Mount 4-RF Outputs configuration shown.

SDX GNSS Simulator as a turnkey system

Rack-Mount 4-RF Outputs configuration shown.


Select the software only and use/reuse your own hardware.

SDX GNSS Simulator software only with hardware reuse

In both cases, you obtain a complete, real-time GNSS simulator using repurposable hardware. SDX supports multiple constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) and multiple frequencies (upper and lower L-band).

GPU-accelerated computing and SDR GPU-accelerated computing and SDR

The Concept Behind SDX

Traditional GNSS simulators rely on FPGAs and custom-designed hardware which are either too expensive, or provide limited capabilities.

SDX uses GPU-accelerated computing and software-defined radios (SDR). This architecture is based on mass-produced hardware which benefits from an economy of scale and high performance.

Moreover, it enables additional capabilities only possible with a software-defined approach to GNSS simulation.


Create economy of scale and eliminate hardware dependency. COTS hardware free users from dedicated platforms, while generic hardware allows to repurpose equipment for different projects. SDX solutions are scalable and easily upgraded.

Exploit the unique capabilities of a software-defined GNSS simulator. Dynamic jammers, custom waveforms, faster-than-realtime simulation and selectable RF/IF frequency are just a few possibilities enabled by the software-defined approach.

→ Explore the features.

→ Learn more about the perks of GPU-accelerated computing for GNSS simulation.

Software-Defined Flexibility


Opt for a turnkey solution or reuse your own software-defined radios (SDR)

Massive Capabilities


Fully-featured GNSS simulator + unique software-defined characteristics

High-End Performance


1000 Hz simulation iteration rate, high dynamics, real time, vast number of channels


SDX is the GNSS simulator packed with innovative features, performance, scalability and simulation control.

Thanks to GPU-accelerated computing and upgradable COTS hardware, SDX is the last GNSS simulator you’ll ever need.

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