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Custom Simulation Systems

In order to address the requirement for innovative GNSS testing solutions, Skydel designs and offers SDX-based GNSS simulators that are tailored for custom projects and R&D needs.

Test Systems for Adaptive Antennas

Adaptive antennas will play a greater role in the future GNSS landscape. Their unique capabilities will help increase resilience to GNSS signals impairments such as ever-increasing multipath and interferences. Once reserved solely for the military domain, adaptive antennas are entering the civilian market and are poised to bring their benefits to the fields of aerospace, ground transportation, and autonomous driving, as well as various others.

Engineers working on GNSS that employ adaptive and multi-element antennas need special test systems since they need to replicate very specific test conditions that are impossible with live signals.

SDX’s novel design enables Skydel to deliver cost-effective test systems that uniquely leverage the capabilities of the software engine and the computational power of multiple GPUs.

SDX for anechoic chambers characteristics

SDX Anechoic
Anechoic Chamber GNSS Simulator

SDX Anechoic is a complete system featuring the SDX GNSS simulator, advanced calibration tools and full hardware. Packaged as a solution that comes with a powerful PC, multiple SDR, and a distribution module, SDX for anechoic chambers has everything you need to test GNSS, jamming and spoofing in a radiated test environment.

Powered by SDX Anechoic, Talen-X has developed BroadSim Anechoic from the proven BroadSim platform. BroadSim Anechoic is a turnkey simulation system for anechoic chambers, and supports GNSS, jamming and spoofing, as well as encrypted codes.

SDX Anechoic configurations feature:

  • Up to 32 RF Outputs
  • Automatic Antenna Mapping
  • Automatic Time Delay Calibration
  • Automatic Power Loss Calibration
  • Support for GPS encrypted codes, via BroadSim Anechoic

BroadSim Anechoic System Shown (from Talen-X)

Screen with SDX

Do you need GNSS testing for a special project?

Our dedicated team of engineers is available to review your project needs and provide an innovative custom simulation solution.

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