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Install SDX on your own hardware

SDX is available as a software install for advanced users that want to procure and assemble their own hardware configurations. For example, SDX customers can take advantage of the availability of supported COTS hardware and build a complete GNSS simulator through commercial components, or by reusing ones already available in their labs.

The typical minimum hardware configuration for SDX consists of:

  • a PC, running Windows or Linux
  • a Nvidia GPU Card
  • a software-defined radio (SDR)
  • one 10Gb Ethernet network card
  • RF and GbE cables, plus RF accessories

For some use cases, such as Real-Time Kinematics (RTK), configurations may use additional hardware:

When ordering SDX as the software install only, the engineering team at Skydel will provide guidance and a list of supported—and tested—hardware components to ensure that the simulator is operating at his best. For software-defined radios, customers can review the supported SDR page.

Using SDX to generate IQ Files

A truly unique feature of SDX is the ability to use it without an SDR to simply record the baseband signal into IQ data files, which can be saved and used for post-processing in the lab, or for R&D projects.

IQ File generation with SDX
Screen with SDX

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