Examples of Turnkey Configurations

If you need the hardware, SDX can be packaged in various turnkey configurations. Here's a few examples of common hardware & software-defined radio combos.

Laptop Kit
2-RF Outputs

Powerful laptop packaged with a 2-RF output SDR, a 10GbE adaptor and all the RF accessories needed for out-of-the-box operation. Comes with a sturdy, reusable transport case.

Laptop kit with 2 RF Channel

2-RF Outputs

Complete desktop solution with:

  • Desktop computer
  • High-end GPU
  • 10 GbE adaptor
  • Ettus X300 w/UBX daughterboards
  • 10 MHz reference clock
  • RF accessories & cables

Desktop with powerful GPU and 2 RF Channel

2- / 4-RF Outputs

Complete rack-mounted solution with:

  • 4U rack-mount computer
  • High-end GPU
  • 10 GbE adaptor and SFP+ cable
  • 1 or 2 Ettus X300 w/UBX
  • X300 rack-mount assembly
  • 10 MHz reference clock
  • RF accessories & cables

Note: 19” rack-mount chassis not included.

Rackmount computer with powerful GPU, and 2 RF Channel

RTK / DGNSS Solution

Generate GNSS RF signals for base and rover with all satellites, multiple constellations and multiple frequencies simultaneously.

RTK setup

Anechoic Chamber Solution

Solution for radiated emission testing in anechoic chambers. Support GNSS and non-GNSS signals. Various configuration are possible, with up to 32 RF Outputs on 16 X300 SDR.

SDX Anechoic Chamber Example configuration

Talen-X BroadSim NAVWAR Solution

BroadSim is a simulator designed for NAVWAR testing. It is powered by Skydel SDX GNSS simulator engine and enhanced by Talen-X to address military needs.

Learn more about BroadSim

Skydel SDX Powered Talen-X BroadSim NAVWAR Solution

Software Only Solution

Get only the software license and reuse your own computer and software-defined radio.

Consult the list of supported SDR.

SDX Software

Can’t find the configuration you want? You already own hardware but you’re not sure it’s compatible with SDX? Contact us and speak directly with an engineer.

GNSS Marker

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