Video: The SDX API

Duration: 3:56 mins

Watch this video to learn about the SDX API and see a short demonstration using the Python interactive shell.

SDX is the GNSS simulator that’s easy to use while enabling the highest level of simulation control. With its powerful and intuitive API, you can create complex simulation scenarios that leverage SDX’s deep feature set without the need for advanced programming skills.

Users that are used to programming will feel at home with the API. It comes bundled with open source client libraries for Python, C# and C++, and features over 220 well-documented commands.

Integration with the Automation Panel

The SDX API is also tighly integrated with the Automation panel. This panel records everything that happens in the SDX UI as well as any commands issued through the API. It simplifies the API learning process for new users while providing intermediate and advanced users with powerful tools such as Python scripting support.

Watch this video to learn more about the automation panel.