Video: Automation in SDX - Quick Overview

Duration: 1:43 mins

This video gives an overview on SDX's innovative automation panel. The Automation panel makes automating GNSS simulation an easy task by automatically recording everything that happens in the SDX UI, and any commands issued through the API. These commands can then be edited, saved, and played back as a sequence, much like a macro.

The Automate panel is also a great starting point for using the SDX API. It simplifies the learning process for new users while providing intermediate and advanced users with powerful tools to take a simulation to the next level.

For example, when creating scripts or experimenting with the SDX API, users can easily see that commands have been received and processed successfully. This visibility on to API commands significantly enhances the learning process. To further reduce the SDX API’s learning curve, a handy feature lets you export the sequence of commands as a Python script. This pre-built script, which can be refined to suit your needs, is a great way to get a head start on a new project.

To learn more about the API and see a short demonstration, watch the API video.