Video: How to use Python to interface with the Skydel GNSS Simulator

The latest version of the Skydel GNSS Simulator introduces a comprehensive library for Python.

Python is the language of choice for scientists and engineers.

Automating the Skydel Simulator with Python is now an easy task. Let me demonstrate how simple it is to control the simulator using the Python interactive shell.

First you import the Skydel library and the commands you plan to use.

You create a Remote Simulator object and you connect with the Skydel Simulator.

To start the simulation from the interactive shell, simply invoke the start command.

The Python interactive shell is the perfect tool to learn the basics of the the Skydel remote API.

This is a script example to demonstrate how you can control satellite power with extreme precision using timestamp. The Skydel API ensures that commands with timestamp are executed at the appropriate time. You can trust the simulator to generate the exact same signal are every run for statistical analysis.

The script sent commands to reduce the satellite power at exactly 50 seconds from the start.

The API documentation can be found in the Skydel folder. As you can see, it contains a comprehensive set of commands to control all aspects of the test conditions.

All the user interactions with the simulator GUI can be recorded, modified and played back without the necessity to learn Python.